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Review for frost mask
24 Jun 2017
Simple, easy to follow. Title might not be the best descriptor, grammar needs a little work; consider getting a proofreader. That's not being antagonistic, it's constructive criticism. (Ex. FBI Agent making pills at home? Sounds more like a narcotics producer. Like Breaking Bad.) Also, personal favourite is route 1, 2, 2.

Review for The Intruder
24 Jun 2017
Built alright, provides a desire to try again when you fail. That said, the (spoilers) inability to win no matter what is somewhat disappointing. Also, "you're" not "your". Other than that grammar is fairly decent.

Review for The Titanic
23 Jun 2017
Good game: Short, easy to follow, and sometimes funny. Also, 29 plays and no reviews? Come on people.