Reviews by Sabatuer

Review for Tittle Part 1
12 Jul 2016
This piece of fine literature absolutely exceeded my expectations by all means and blew every other text adventure game ever out of the water. Before this game, I was sad, lonely, with no one to talk to, but now that I have played it and took days and days of my time analyzing it and thinking about the deep, thought provoking messages it sends, I have truly changed and become a better person. This absolute story gold had moments where I laughed, moments where I cried, beautiful sophisticated style writing that had me astounded beyond compare, and most importantly, had a wonderful ode to our very own personal heroes and senpais, John Cena. The names are well thought through, the story is descriptive In every single way. I love the character development and fine comb details that are put into making this art, recommend it to everyone, and absolutely adore this piece of writing.
C'est la Vie,
-Wontonian Times