Reviews by twocherryontop

11 Sep 2017
It is short and simple, but it is understandable. However, you should put more story route because it seems that no matter what you choose, it will lead to the same next paragraph. Keep up the good work, overall it is well made for an eleven years old.

Review for DARVIH
08 Sep 2017
It's an interesting game, but I was slightly confused about the scoring system. However, the story is great (I love how you put Malaysian school culture's pictures in the story!)

04 Sep 2017
Loved the multiple endings, it's hilarious! I kept dying during the process of the game, but it's worth it. Glad you put check point in the start of the game since inklewriter did not have saving system.

Review for Texting Ellis
23 Aug 2017
I love this Left for Dead reference! The text is hilarious, love it! Tho it would be nice if it is slightly longer.

11 Aug 2017
I loved it, it is short but amusing. This game legit made my day, it is hilarious XD