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Reviews by KittyKat1415

06 Apr 2021
I love this! I really hope you plan on updating this, if not, that's a shame. If you need any suggestions or ideas, I might have a few, just ask.

It is an amazing game, with, right now quite a bit to do and explore! I love this game, and I hope you keep updating this game, either until you decide it's finished, or you just keep adding things nonstop, either way though, amazing game, 5/5.

Review for The land of Sirra
04 Jan 2021
I never spoke on this game but it is amazing! So much detail so much things to do! And I'm just very upset I never got to show Naughty my love for this game. It is a shame that it won't be finished but it was and still is an amazing game. May Naughty rest in piece.