Reviews by SwimYBO

Review for Dungeon Adventurer
30 Jul 2014
Not too bad, but there is no real plot except for you trying to escape the dungeon by wandering around aimlessly and hoping you reach the exit. If you added more elements to the plot and more rooms and puzzles, then you could have a really good game. It's not bad, but it definitely could be better.

Review for lavender town
16 Jul 2014
This game is okay. It doesn't have many choices, however, and basically forces you to go where he wants you to go. The idea is good, but the way it is executed is a little plain.

Review for turtles
16 Jul 2014
This game has a nice idea, but it is not made well at all. The links are buggy, and it looks like it is incomplete. I would not play it until it is updated.

Review for Mysterious Van
16 Jul 2014
Great game, I enjoyed it. Maybe just a few more endings, but overall it's a good game. Just one error that I found though. In the house bedroom, even if you don't light the candle when you sleep you still die from the candle even though it's not lit. Great game.