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Review for sweet tooth
15 Mar 2024
Despite what you said about it being bad, it was kinda fun for what it is. Sweet Tooth screams rushed school project, and that sort of gives it a bit of charm. Though it did feel like you were trying too hard to be edgy. Overall, I hope you learn from this and improve. You got potential.

Wow. Amazing game. I love how much content there is. 10/10. By the way, it's opposite day.

Review for error land
28 Aug 2023
I can see why it's called "error land"

Review for The Ambergris Heist
26 Aug 2023
Playing this felt like I was watching Home Alone for the first time again! This is quite the masterpiece. And while the Adult tag means no kids would be playing this on their own, (or not if the kid is as clever as these two) I'm sure they would've been laughing at all the shenanigans that happened. My favourite part was with the Halloween prop. If something like this happened in a Home Alone movie, they would have triggered the second prompt (minus the clothes ripping since it's a kids movie). Tl;Dr I went down a trip in memory lane and didn't even know it. Five well earned stars.