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07 Jun 2016
Best text game I've ever played, and what all text games should aspire to be! A real classic, and probably one of the best ways to experience the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy story! Props to a truly MENDACIOUS-yet-appropriate game interface which really makes you feel like Arthur Dent vs this wacky universe. Definitely save often; the ways to die are plentiful and entertaining. The humour is utterly Douglas Adams spot on, and kept me chuckling the whole way. The puzzles are truly difficult and fun to work through, and it's definitely not a game that takes only one afternoon to beat! I love the parser on this game as well. It really anticipates all the possible actions a frustrated player may type in and makes this an entertainment goldmine. I wish I could give this more than five stars!

Review for The Doctor
07 Jun 2016
Some decisions end the game without any indication they would, for example, choosing in one place to go right as opposed to left kills you instantly. Both the game and the Doctor himself feel pretty condescending to the player.