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Review for Spectrum
28 Jul 2003
i found this game interesting at the begginning but now i seem to be wondering aroumd every room and i cant seem to ind all the treasures!!this is confuseing the shit outta me.....but i give this game 3 stars cuz it has a good plot and its fun for a while den getz harder...and another thing thats annoying is every game i have downloaded here is one of the text games that u just move arond and shit with no pictures or anything!!and i downloaded that other game too called timba or some thing but im warning you now DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT !!! IT IS THE MOST GAYEST GAME AND IT TAKES AGES TO DOWN LOAD NOTHING EVEN MOVES ITS JUST PICTURES OR STUFF AND WEN U CLIK THE ARROW IT CHANGES TO ANOTHER PICTURE OF A GAY ANIMAL AND SHIT!!!!!!!i was really dissapointed in that game......anywayz ur probably bored of reading dis now so bye bye
love from
tamara xoxoxox