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Review for Pest
12 Jul 2013
I don't know how much more I can add to other reviews except that I admit I unzipped the ASL game from the Quest file (I downloaded the game to play locally) and looked through the XML for a solution to get by the tunnel--and got some later puzzles spoilered, which actually wasn't all bad, as I struggled about midway through and it was good to see where the author's imagination led the game. Plus I learned a lot about Quest and what it can do and how, which was very interesting.

The game has a strong interesting beginning where you rely on your senses runs into trouble later. Unfortunately I got a bit lost in the dead end--I saved and reloaded to avoid getting caught, which backed me up--and I took a while to find how to leave the area by the two shelters. It's neat to need to look, feel and smell and listen--I don't think it disrupts the narrative too much, because the game doesn't throw a ton of objects to feel/smell/listen.

I got the twig but couldn't pry the rocks--I tried using all possible verbs on both.

5/10, with maybe even three extra if it gets revised. And I encourage the author to, because I'd love to play the update. I suspect the errors are mostly due to blind-spots or omissions from relatively new writing or from not finding enough testers.

(Btw: USE TWIG gave an error in my standalone quest player--I would be glad to send a transcript if I could figure how Quest works it. If Quest doesn't allow them, it really should. It's invaluable for testing.)