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30 Oct 2021
For a new text adventure, this is just wonderful. Although sometimes it's a bit too blind to go west east south or north. It would be handy if the game said where it lead us

Love it and can't wait for future updates, maybe new rooms and new people or objects for new stuff. Great game overall if you ask me

Review for Shrunk at the Beach
25 Jul 2021
For something so fresh it's amazing already and I can't wait for some further updates. Maybe there will be a life guard added soon or something that we can do our naughty with

17 May 2021
For just a short demo it's pretty impressive and amazing. I would love to see this improve and get more lore and giantess goodness

26 Feb 2021
Amazing for the start. Would love to see way more girls and scenarios

06 Jul 2020
Character customization is amazing something I always wanted and loved here. Amazing game! Would love a part 2 or more characters or both! As first to review the game maybe a snake because well please don't kink shame me I love snakes and interaction whit everything was amazingly done and hey maybe add some other kinks not just vore I mean shoes are there so maybe some paw or claw or stuff action! J’ai totalement aimé cela et j’aimerais plus de celui-ci