Connor Wade

Reviews by Connor Wade

21 Apr 2013
Interesting concept, but the game itself is very simplistic. Some parts don't make much sense (SPOILERS HERE); for instance, I thought it very odd that I had to go in the closet before I could go in the bathroom. Also, killing the child after talking to the puppet does not remove the child from the game, which means that you can kill it indefinitely. You can't eat any of your candy, a strange error considering that the player goes on and on about candy. The fight with the evil children was boring, and the game was far too easy.

Review for Time Trip
21 Apr 2013
Relentlessly entertaining. The story was excellent, but one major shortcoming was the lack of verbs. Also (I'm nit-picking here), I noticed that "personnel" was misspelled. All else aside, this was a wonderful game.