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Reviews by IGreenI

02 May 2017
It was quite short, but well-researched nonetheless.
It sounded quite accurate, although I wish there were more stopping points and more decisions to make. Say, to be in control of the illness on the ship - do you allow your sailors keep drunk to stay upbeat about the sickness or stop by on the nearby island to look for some food and herbs?
Well done. A pleasure to play through and very re-playable if you wanted to see where the different choices would take you!

(And florins /are/ accurate ;3)

02 May 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed this! A quiz, yet also a short story in itself.
I was made to remember the saying that storytelling is the best way to teach. It was very true in this case~
I feel like there could be a bit more going on as a subplot, but I found the implementation quite compelling even on itself.

Give it a shot, the stranger that is reading my review! It won't take you long, and you will learn something new~