Open a game without Quest?

Hey all. Very VERY new to this. I'm working on a game in my browser (I have a Chromebook which can't run exe files) and I was wondering if the desktop program can open games I made with the browser version. Another question: what file format does the desktop program export as? Is it exe? I can't find out for myself because I don't have a Windows computer available at the moment. If it doesn't export to exe, can i convert it? I'm sorry if I'm asking stupid questions. Thanks in advance.

what file format does the desktop program export as?

Both versions save as an .aslx file, which contains both the game information, and some data which is only useful within the editor.

When you 'publish', they create a .quest file, which is basically a .zip file containing the aslx file with all the editor information removed, and all of the images and other media.

The 'download' button on a published game will give you the .quest file which you can be played using the desktop player. The 'download' button on the 'My Games' page will give you the .aslx file, which you can edit using the desktop editor.

I see. I did some research and found out that it isn't really possible to export a game as exe. Thanks for the help :)

It's one of those things that many people have asked for. I'd love to be able to just have people run the game as a self contained executable.

yeah, i'm hoping one day i'll get to post my games to!

Have you all tested Quest 6 yet? It looks like it solves many of these portability problems.

Oh! Quest 6? Does Quest auto-update?

I think for now you just have to keep up with it through GitHub since Pixie is still developing it. He just added mapping support, like, yesterday, and it's kind of exciting to see it take shape.

Oh! Thanks...

Do you think we'll start seeing people putting their games up on Steam for, say, $1 a pop? Could be tempting to the achievement / trading card crowd :D

Go for it, man.

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