Battle environment in gamebook?????

So I am n0ob and I am making a gamebook, is it possible to make a turn-based battle environment similar to the old pokemon game turn-based combat? (with text only, obviously) also if you can plz also tell me how to make health bars and randomized moves...
Sorry if this post is "a copy of another post".

oh yeh i am part of Toast Studios and this might be illegal cuz it's not registered

Here is the thread I was looking for. It took me a several minutes to find.

Anyways, this is about setting variables and generating a number at random.

Also, I have no idea what Toast Studios is.

dunt worry ur not supposed to...

If i may add my two cents... Gamebook version of Quest is a somewhat second hand product. There is less attention to it because the community uses much more the parser adventure mode than gamebook mode. A wise way of solving most of your problems when creating a gamebook that needs some of the parser resources is making a gamebook inside the adventure mode. The method i have been working on is using objects as the gamebook choices. I decided doing it because objects has the "look at" option, allowing me to expand the explanation of a given choice without the actual need of adding a wall of text to the main text. A personal need of mine, because i already use wall of texts in the main descriptions. If you use this resource, it is easy to "pause" the gamebook mechanics to insert a turn based combat resolution.

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