Newcomer needs help

Would anybody be willing to live chat with me and give me a quick run down of how to achieve desired results? Im a very fast learner It would be mucho appreciato. We can skype, chat on whatsapp or something. If I could just have a 20 minute Q and A with someone it would be invaluable

Are you wanting to make a text adventure or a gamebook or something else?

So im working on a quest book. I think itd be categorized as a text adventure but im not really sure the difference. This is what I mean I just need fundementals. 100% of the threads I have read are still slightly out of my comprehension of wtf im doing

Have you tried the tutorials?

How to create a gamebook.

Text adventure typically has a input box where you type commands like ‘get sword’ and ‘south’ and ‘put seed in hole’ etc.

Gamebooks are stories with options to click a choice and go to a page based on your choice. Kind of like the old school “If you want to attack the troll, turn to page 17” or “If you want to sneak past the troll, turn to page 29.”

Gamebooks are typically simpler to use (and IMO, far less interesting to play) whereas text adventures are more complicated to learn (but you can do so much more).

Also, I can’t encourage you enough to use the downloaded version of Quest rather than the online version.

EDIT: and yes, make sure you try out the tutorial. It’ll get you through the text adventure basics. :)

Ok it is a gamebook. Yes I have gone through the tutorials and it helped with some stuff but other stuff it seems like it expects me to have a basic understanding of certain vocabulary that I just dont have

Ok it is a gamebook. Yes I have gone through the tutorials and it helped with some stuff but other stuff it seems like it expects me to have a basic understanding of certain vocabulary that I just dont have

What are you having trouble on?
My e-mail is jnz236z @ if you need it.

thanks so much I will definitely be emailing you. I just dont really get the vocabulary and could use help with basic coding

Please just ignore the hyphon, I used it so people wouldn't click on the e-mail link.

Maybe you got all the help you needed. But if someone else is reading I highly recommend:

  1. Follow the tutorial (exactly like it's written)
  2. Once completed, start a SMALL project of your own and try stuff out.
  3. All the while, using the search function in this forum. Questions have been asked again and again and...
  4. If you can't find an answer, do what you just did, ask about it in here.
    People tend to be extremely helpful!

Good luck =)

I suggest you doing something entirely different: sit with a paper sheet and pencil and start writing down everything you know about your story. Write the plot, characters, plot details, items, twists you want seeing, oppositions and the like.

As soon as you can, you will start working on the stuff as boxes. One box for each roo, in the case of Text Adventures and one box for each page in case of Game Books. Start connecting things and wondering options. make a major design for the game, including most of your notes where relevant.

Then, sit on the computer and start writing down everything: Room descriptions, page's texts, character's descriptions, Item's descriptions. Everything you already know, you write down to the computer in a way you think it would be presented in the game, for later copy/pasting.

Once you think you had the whole game ready, put it inside Quest. Create the rooms, characters and objects. In this way, you will be learning all the new stuff in order to solve practical problems. The best way of learning, instead of trying to understand it all to only then deciding what you want doing. I got much more this way than trying to figure out all the possible resources i could use in a possible game.

If you start using certain codes and attributes, also keep notes about them. Relevant flags, attribute names and functions and even whole pieces of code you do not understand in depth. Keep a good documentation about your game.

And above all, keep faithful to the method. Do not try skipping parts for others. Follow the method and at any moment you will know what part of the process your are compromised to, and will be easy to know what doing next each time you sit to work on your project.

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