Strange Massage

Does anyone knows what the following massage means?

Failed to load game.
The following errors occurred:
Error: Error adding script attribute 'script' to element 'OutputTextRaw': Function not found: 'RequestSpeak

It occurred when i was just running a text. The page was an image and then a test text. After that i removed the image and the massage persisted. Then i removed both image and text, and the error was there.

Did you remove the code that called the image?

I stripped the game from everything, actually.

This one was a bug that only appeared in gamebooks. The bug was introduced in Quest 5.8, and was fixed in the first bugfix release. I think there was a couple of days where the latest version of Quest had this bug.

I think you can fix it by getting the latest version of Quest. If you don't want to do that, create a function named "RequestSpeak", and give it a single parameter, s. Then open that function in code view, and paste in this line of code: request (Speak, s)

That should make everything work.

"Strange Massage"
"I stripped the game from everything, actually."

Sorry, it's message...

Good pun, well spotted!

As long as there's a happy ending...

Badaboom tish!


Is the strange message rubbing anyone the wrong way?

I thought it was going to be spam when I first clicked on it xD

I thought it was going to be spam when I first clicked on it xD

That was my first thought too.
My second was: "I sure could go for a strange massage right about now!"

Ok then... i will check for updates and stop these inappropriate massaging... lol

You all should be ashamed of yourselves for your dirty little minds. Happy endings, in fact, make me cry. Out of one eye, anyway. Wink, wink (not that eye). For shame!

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