Use the 'use' verb global for opening/closing, switching and put on

Hi community.

With the following script it is possible to use the verb "Use" as "Open/Close","Switch" and "put on".

Alt text

Click here for the script

Download the UseAllround.aslx, integrate it as Library in Quest.

Under the tab "Use as" you can now select whether you want to use it as "Open","Switch" or "Put on".
Put on" can be combined with "Open" or "Switch" as one uses "Use with" and the other only "Use".

Many greetings


Thanks for saving us all that work! (That's right up there next to feeding us!)

[KV tips his hat to SoonGames.]

I am glad that you like it and not only to save me but also to spare others the work. :)

yep, this has been what's been hurting quest the most I think: just not enough public libraries and code samples... quest is very powerful, but we've not had much made publically available (aside from poor Pixie the machine, pumping out libraries and code samples, lol). The more public code we can get, the better it'll help quest grow.

maybe, we'll slowly start getting more RPG systems... hehe :D

(Pixie's been really pumping them out more recently, and the new activity/users we're getting now, will hopefully keep quest growing and expanding, with more people contributing, which helps more people make games, which makes more people interested in quest, which gets more contributions from people... hehe)

@hegemonkhan "maybe, we'll slowly start getting more RPG systems... hehe :D"
We already are. I just found out The Pixie edited his Deeper 2 to be more RPG like. ...Oh wait, you mentioned that...

ya, Pixie (and others) has been pumping more RPG system (time and date, storage, item stacking, equipment, magic, shopping, combat, random generation, scenery, descriptions, etc etc) type of libraries out recently, our libraries are really starting to grow now, thanks to everyone, lots of new people, who're staying around and pumping out code and/or asking for help, causing us to pump out code. We had a bit of a dry spell, before all of you new guys and gals showed up... sighs.

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