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Reviews by Monoxide

Review for Stray dog life 1
26 Jan 2021
I died by going up the sturdy vines. I lived by going up a bad ladder. I chose "let them take me" and for some reason Snake tried escaping instead. When I tried escape, they caught me anyway. I died in my sleep for talking to Chilo. I helped Chilo and he got me killed. I bullied Maska to see what would happen and the story stopped altogether. I did leapfrog over the fence thingy and the story stopped altogether again. No matter what you name the puppies, the game ends altogether.
I'll give you 2 stars because giving you 1 star is too harsh, because you tried. But still. You need to work on this.

Review for Wild Wolf's World
26 Jan 2021
I love this game a lot already. The grammar is f a b, and the story is l o v e l y. I'm exited for the next update ^-^

25 Jan 2021
I love this game so much! However, I'll post 2 issues I found, for new players. The game isn't finished yet. Try not to go exploring; you will probably get lost.