Wild Wolf's World by RadiantDawn

You play as a wolf trying to survive in the wild.
Note: This is my first game, so don't judge.
*Unfinished, please give it a test run, and if you guys like it, I will continue*
What achievments did you collect? They will look something like this: Achievement: (achievement name) and some sort of icon thingy like :)
*This is a challenge, as you will have to play multiple times*

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Review by WOLFxCATlover
21 Jun 2018
Should be contenued its an amazeing storey line smiles i hate the cliff wigles eye brows hanger XD I HAD TOO anway its really good

30 Mar 2018
Really nice, keep going!

Review by Beyonddestiny
19 Dec 2017
It's very good! I love wolves and this is a very good start! Keep it up!

Review by felix9605
23 Jul 2016
Very nice! Keep working on it. Your doing good.

15 Jun 2016

Review by BuckJr
21 May 2016
Great story so far keep working at it

Review by flysquirrel775
25 Jan 2016
Very nice story so far. The perspective change can be a little confusing at first, but it become clear later what it's about. I would like to see the ending of the story. Keep making it!

Review by Wildfirez548
24 Jan 2016
It's fantastic! The story build is great, there is some unspent words but other than that, it's wonderful. Also the choices are great, to!

Review by Nutjitzu
12 Jan 2016
Great! Keep going! It's wonderful!

Review by Shadow Omega Wolf
22 Nov 2015
So far so good keep it up and as a reminder when I saw the line "Time Skip 6 month" I asked myself "Okay is this some sort of Role-Play?"

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