Warriors cats (Kit version) by Nutjitzu

Play as a kit in Thunder clan, Shadow clan, River clan, or Wind clan as you tumble about the nursery, play fight with your denmates, and often get into trouble!
This is a demo version of warriors cats and is unfinished. I was in the progress of completing the demo, but my computer containing the updated version broke so I'm waiting on that to be fixed. Luckily, this is still here soI hope you like what I have so far.

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Review by Oclovemaker
08 Dec 2017
I had a bit of trouble finding the compass but very good as well

Review by Cremafied
03 Dec 2017
This was FANTASTIC I loved it! hehe I got a hidden pelt and laughed so MUCH this is great I really hope to see more!

Review by Corpsebrideish
07 Nov 2017
It's amazing so far!! I can't wait to see more. I love how detailed you are and you're very inclusive with us readers too! Thank you for the experience

Review by Frisk12345
27 Sep 2017
That was amazing. Please update more. I really liked the part when you got the choice of choosing your name and what you looked like and stuff.

Review by ERER456123
10 Aug 2017
Loved the story. Only part I didn't like was The End. Please make another.

Review by rozy0404
24 Jul 2017
Its a fantastic story i love it, i can see you put a lot of time and dedication into this story. I find it funny that we have the same kit names (stonekit) you can see for yourself if you read my story: Warrior Cats Wounds Leave Scars WIP.

Review by Neville Eric
20 Jul 2017
I'm waiting for the 2nd I freaking love this!

Review by VerdantVerbiage
15 Jul 2017
It's good so far. The only issue I noticed was missing/incorrect punctuation on a lot of the dialogue. I'd love to find out what happens next!

Review by PotatoCat3
30 Jun 2017
This is very fun! Keep going, please!

Review by ArtfulSilver
01 Apr 2017
Wow - this is actually amazing! Cannot wait for more!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 31 Jul 2016
Updated 04 Sep 2017