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Reviews by helvayne

Review for Life's short
20 Nov 2014

Review for Dream
20 Nov 2014
It was OK.

Review for Victorian Detective
19 Nov 2014
A stunning performance that showcases how a short story can be done well. Running through this full sprint would leave you in the dust, as the cleverness and always riveting passages caused you to pore through each and every word in an attempt to find the clues hidden away. The points always made you want to choose the correct answer, to better fit the brilliant shoes of Mr. Detective. The links, the first that I've ever encountered something done in this manner, were superb. You wanted to read each one; learn the contents of it to better immerse yourself in the story. My absolute favorite part of this was the picture of Voclain shown earlier on. It really shows how every piece of information might be crucial, and you should never write off anything you learn as nonessential. Once I finished it all with a 100% completion on both, I felt a great sense of victory, as if to say, "Run along now Holmes, a new detective is in town." 5/5, would play again.

19 Nov 2014
Absolutely fantastic- although fantastic simply does not do it justice. It is well written, expertly peppered with subtle hints to help you along, and of course the choices are ones that make you really think at times. I played both in a row, having just discovered this site, and I must say, if this is the quality people here churn out, well it seems like I'll be here for a while. I especially liked how you were rated for making the correct choice. It forced me to stop and think about it before choosing the one I believed to be most correct. With careful attention to every word, I was rewarded with a 100% on both chapters. A sense of accomplishment follows, even with a short story like this. Pictures are used sparingly, but they really help set the mood. All in all, a masterfully crafted mystery tale that leaves me itching for the next. 5/5 would play again.