Victorian Detective 2 by peter123

You're a great detective living in Victorian London. Your internal monologue will guide you by clicking on links in the body of text as you investigate a young girl's disappearance.

Your eidetic memory is represented by your ability to reread all the story you've experienced...

Your intensely fast analyzing ability is represented by your unlimited time between choices...

Your vast knowledge is represented by the internet...

London needs you!

Please comment and rate my games, and if you enjoy the Victorian Detective series I would be happy if you voted on which game you thought was the best. Follow the link below to vote.

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Review by TheVampurr
26 Jan 2023
I loved how it gave the perspective of the murderer near the end. This is a really good game.

Review by Spookypooky13
10 Nov 2022
Loved the writing in this one! I felt like the choices made sense and when it came to figuring out the correct choice I still felt smart!

Review by Bravo
19 Jul 2021
Absolutely love the concept on you giving perspective to Brewer’s thoughts, instead of just portraying him as a heartless murderer

Review by Cinco de Mayo
01 Jun 2021
Ok, is just ok. I don't think the random clicking is my way to a hi score though lol

Review by hsh
17 Jul 2020
Like the first one. Ok.

Review by Dog Cop
25 Jun 2020
I am a professional investigator and I completely loved this game. 100% Deduction.

Review by Savio
21 Jun 2020
The best one

Review by TheGamerSeal
15 Mar 2020
Very gripping story.

I loved that you sprang for an understandable villain - some of the best villains of all fiction have understandable motives (Thanos, Phoenix's Joker, and Darth Vader come to mind).

Gameplay seemed more simple than first game, but then again, last game I didn't use the Internet for help.

True Rating = 4.5 (Rounding Up Because Why Not)

Review by Megabits2
25 Nov 2018
Good, but too hard and not as good plot as the first one

Review by Jiangxi123
14 Nov 2018
The game kinda stopped after a bit. But I was able to play well!

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