Reviews by Hexalan

Review for Next Door Taker
03 Oct 2013
Nice. Same style as the shiny pink steel platform whatevers.

Review for Blackout Crysis
01 Oct 2013
Nice story. Some of the things don't ever end up mattering though, like the gun, or moving with/out cover.
I suppose the game ends with the helicopter crashing, but I'm not certain.

Review for Despair
01 Oct 2013
You people are stupid. Try lifting the tube.
Nice world, I like how you have to really look at it to get things done.
Can't get past the tank, though. Is thee a magic trick?

Review for Zombies Attack
01 Oct 2013
Great game. Only complaint is some of the commands were a bit obscure (like you have to "turn on flashlight", not just "use flashlight").

Review for Door Simulator
30 Sep 2013
Brilliant. Best game ever. The heart-wrenching plot and deep, involved strategy lead to a compelling game, but blind chance and historical context of anglo-iberian conflict makes this the best game of 2013.