Zombies Attack by hulkman508

My first attempt at a completed Quest game, Zombies attack is a horror(ish) game where you have to escape you're apartment. There's combat, situations of chance and puzzles involved. In many scenario's you're faced with a situation that is influenced on you're health.

It was intended to have sound effects, but I took them out for offline. It's my first game, and has 47 rooms if that's any indicator of length.

~Please note, little spoiler~

To kill the first Zombie, just use the laptop on it.

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Review by MrPikmin16
05 Jul 2017
A little confusing at first but once you get used to it, it is pretty fun! 5/5

Review by SlayerJT16
14 Jun 2014
I had a great time with this challenging game! I'd love to see more like these!

Review by Hexalan
01 Oct 2013
Great game. Only complaint is some of the commands were a bit obscure (like you have to "turn on flashlight", not just "use flashlight").

Review by Ehamzic13
17 Aug 2013
Like im playing the walking dead but then whit more choices
I like it!

Review by sunbeam133
29 Jun 2013
does anybody know how to get passed the zombies?

Review by jackeloperson
14 May 2013
Great game! I like how its always different and there's a percent chance you will succeed. Crossing the plank I fell twice, so I thought I needed something else, but I just needed to do it again. I never had to use the handgun though. The crowbar worked a lot better.

19 Aug 2012
Great game, no wrestling with finding the exact command. Good story, and the probability rating were really useful. Looking forward to more stuff from you.

Review by Amber5
28 Jun 2012
I quite liked it. It was simple, most of the commands were easy to figure out.

Review by halidon99
06 Jun 2012
Haven't finished the game yet but I think it is fantastic. Very atmospheric. I got up to the part where I opened the power box but then I had to leave. I'm looking forward to finishing it

Review by Allmighty Pingas
01 Apr 2012
awesome game! just finished it. minor complaints are that some bad luck can ruin the entire game. for example if you dont successfully pick the cabinet lock, you cant get the horn and are left to attack the barricaded zombies with a crowbar (low success). also bad luck can have you instantly die while crossing the plank. another glitch is that you can pick the cabinet lock with the aerial even before you reach the roof and pick up the aerial.

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