Next Door Taker by ludeshka

"Help me."

(Trapped birds flapping their white wings inside a cage that's just too small)


(Dust, rot, gangrene, shackles digging into skin)

You walk forward.
19 Oct 2013
I really enjoy this game. However, I believe it may be better categorized in horror. Great game though!

Review by storyspoiler
03 Oct 2013
This game sometimes feels like it's railroading you; too many descriptive pages without a choice to make. That said, the choices you do make feel interesting, nuanced and subtle. And the writing is beautiful.

Review by Hexalan
03 Oct 2013
Nice. Same style as the shiny pink steel platform whatevers.

Review by krw777
03 Oct 2013
Kool! Multiple but subtle choices.

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