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Reviews by Lucîus

Review for Following Me
08 Jul 2015
Best narration i have seen on this site. Simply amazing. You literally can see what is happening and feel what the characters are feeling.

Please don't think i was bored, i enjoyed every single scene but Tia, you could have just published this as a story since (i think) the only BIG chooise we make is at the very end of the game and till that point all we have to do is just hit the continue button (almost)

If you want to play this, don't expect a 'game'. Expect an awesome horror story and enjoy it as it is.

Great work overall.

Review for Night is Falling
02 Jul 2015
Great font and images, scary monsters, insulting and funny narrator.. Loved it!!!

Review for Her Pound of Flesh
02 Jul 2015
It was intense all the way through but not as violent and gory as i expected. I enjoyed being psychologicaly pressured in the first couple of days. Good work overall!!!