Night is Falling by Kerri Coombs

You have strayed off the path. Night is falling. You'd better find your way back to your car before it gets dark. These woods aren't safe at night.

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Review by MehCandie
29 Sep 2019
The story checks out to be one of horror. The pictures look strange, I'll give you credit on that. It just doesn't creep you out our actually deliver that "horror" factor, so the wording could use work. The narrator makes you feel like you are breaking the 4th wall, or talking with you sarcastically as if you are buddies, and that really does not convey horror in a way where you can feel it through the screen. To each their own though.

17 Sep 2019
Love the freaky pictures! Really scary...I'm happy I took the stick😁

23 Aug 2019
Terrifying but actually great!

Review by Chimcharboy
13 Dec 2017
amazing storyline

Review by GameofChocolate
18 Jul 2017
It was pretty good. I hope the next one will be longer, and for crying out loud, why would I NOT take the weapon? :P

But no, really, great job!!

Review by emmodii
27 Mar 2017
Story was cliche, but not horrible enough to give an appalling rating. The mocking tone of the narration takes away the mood of the horror, and it seems to solely rely on the images just to scare the reader.

Review by Merdna
01 Mar 2017
Liked it!

Review by AdventureText
02 Jan 2017
This game was OK.

Review by MakotoNaez
24 Nov 2016
Best game evar, The Game is very good, and pretty funny !, thanks for not making it too long.
Gotta play it again !

Review by plipe
28 Jul 2016
it's very good and funny

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Written by
Kerri Coombs

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Written for Quest 5.3
Published 02 Apr 2013
Updated 03 Apr 2013

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