Following Me by Tia Orisney

Two women take a wrong turn in the woods and make a gruesome discovery. They seek help from a mysterious stranger and are dragged into a vicious trap that they will be lucky to survive.

Intended for mature audiences.
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Review by Socyda
30 Dec 2017
The best game I have played in the genre! Just note that the story is long (took me about 2 hours) with a comparatively low density of decisions, making it feel like more of a book than most games. Still, the captivating story and interesting and meaningful choices make it a great game for those interested in the genre.

Review by texpert22
21 Jun 2017

to much cursing and very long.

Review by Juhii
30 May 2017
One of my favorite games of this genre, well written, good characters. Worth your time!

Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
Great story! I want this story in a book that I can read now and again. Super intense!

Review by TangibleTurtle
12 Jan 2017
Very well-written. Choices that were that perfect level of stressful to make. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Review by plipe
28 Jul 2016
for me there weren't enough choices and I felt incredibly underpowered but the story was good so you'll probably enjoy it more than me.

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
Some grammatical errors but good story.

Review by Daniel Tait
26 Apr 2016
A brilliant adventure! Each decision feels like it carries weight and the scenes are very well depicted,it is not at all difficult to imagine the events of the story playing out.

Review by lucifers_pet
29 Nov 2015
A captivating story that leaves you no other choice but to keep reading. It feels like you're there with the main characters and it keeps you on the edge of your seat! This isn't one of those "one wrong choice and BOOM your dead!" -games, and you don't have to guess blindly because the solutions are logical. (That's what I also liked.) The only negative thing I have to say, is that this could've been more interactive and maybe shorter text segments.

Review by sheafoster53
13 Nov 2015
It was really good. I stayed up later than intended (which is saying a lot because I'm a college kid and I need sleep whenever it's possible) because I just couldn't stop reading. Great descriptions, though not as many choices as I'm used to. Overall though I loved the reading and the choices. Thanks for taking your time to make such a great game.

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