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Reviews by jimbrock

Review for Curse!
26 Jan 2018
Peter strikes again! Another excellent text adventure.

Some tricky problems with great clues. I love the way new areas open up by solving problems. I had to go the comments a couple of times and I kicked myself for not spotting the clues.

I really enjoyed it!

Review for The Piskie
25 Jan 2018
Another great text adventure from Peter! I really enjoyed it. The mapping was a bit tougher than normal but logical. Some tricky puzzles and you've really got to investigate every detail to get the answers. But, that's what we like.

Thanks again Peter!

23 Jan 2018
A classic text adventure! I really enjoyed it. Good, logical puzzles and enough hints in the comments to help get over the more tricky bits without revealing too much. Atmospheric descriptions that got the brain juices flowing.

Usual advice applies (I need to follow my own advice here!), read all the room descriptions carefully and examine everything even if it's not in the object list. Save regularly!