The Piskie by peter edwards

It's a beautiful day for a walk in the Cornish countryside. Surely nothing unusual could happen on such a peaceful day. However, Cornwall is a mysterious place...

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Review by Mr. Parser
13 Jun 2018
I started this game up with high expectations, based upon the rave reviews, and I'm not sure if Quest players are easily impressed or overly polite.

It's okay, don't get me wrong, but I saw nothing that made this a five star game.

The map could have been a little smaller. (Pointless locations lower the enjoyment level of map-wandering games.) But this appears to be based on an actual location, so this will not effect my rating.

The prose was okay, but nothing memorable. At least this author can spell (or at least used a spell-checker), and I didn't notice many grammatical errors. (This, in itself, does (sadly) make this a better than average Quest game.)

Honestly, I was let down from the very first turn.

You are in a lane. There is a field to the west..
You can see a gate.
You can go north or south.

> w
You can't go there.

The author was apparently too lazy to modify any of Quest's default responses, which means Alex Warren or The Pixie actually wrote about 90% of the text we see while playing this game!

The player cannot simply go the first direction mentioned in the game's prose, and there is no witty response?!?

I am aware that the gate can be opened (I completed the game before reviewing it), but, again, this is simply not "excellent" writing:

> x gate
A five-barred gate. It stands between a field to the west and a lane to the east.

I just examined that gate and learned nothing useful. Is it locked? Can it even be opened? Well, I guess let's just try it out for ourselves. This is a 5 star game, after all. Surely something enjoyable is about to print to the screen...

> open it
You open it.

Oh... Nothing enjoyable yet? Still reading Alex Warren's responses, too, by the way...

Okay. Let's go see what we have to the west! I can't wait to impressed!

> w

You are in the corner of a grassy field.
You can see a gate.
You can go east, north, west or northwest to the middle of the field.
You hear the sound of bleating sheep in the distance.

What's with the line-spacing?

Why is the description in a state of disarray? (Even the directions are not listed in a logical order.)

This is not how 5 star games are made.


Again, this game was "OK". There were quite a few enjoyable parts. My intention is not to bash it. I just felt I should shed a little light as to why I'm only giving it 3 stars.

Review by jimbrock
25 Jan 2018
Another great text adventure from Peter! I really enjoyed it. The mapping was a bit tougher than normal but logical. Some tricky puzzles and you've really got to investigate every detail to get the answers. But, that's what we like.

Thanks again Peter!

Review by GameofChocolate
30 Aug 2017
First, i kept picking up stuff without a purpose for any of it.

Second, I was mapping the directions on paper, and the field doesn't even map correctly. Like, the center field goes nw to the brambles which go s to the hole but then the center field goes ne to the grassy field which is east of it wich goes south to the hedge, and I can't map this place, so I can't continue this game.

Review by Natloud
27 Jun 2017
Loved this one! I really enjoy peeling back the layers of each scene and discovering things. Great game!

Review by DavyB
14 Jan 2017
This is yet another excellent game from Peter Edwards. Like Mermaid Bay and the Enchanted Glade it is set in Cornwall and includes photographs of what appear to be actual locations. Overall, it has an outdoors, whimsical, good-humoured feel. Like Peter’s other games, it is well designed, well written, and offer puzzles that are challenging but manageable…as long as you take care to examine each location thoroughly! Being up on the site for over three years, there are also many comments on the trickier aspects of the game, providing ample clues for those who run out of ideas. Well done!

05 Oct 2016
The map was somewhat complicated but I managed. There were some unnecessary locations and collected a few unnecessary objects. There was some reliance on searching and examining thoroughly than other games by Peter. The game is not long but enjoyable. I loved the piskie and the witch's house! Overall, another well crafted game by Peter! I would probably rate this 4.5 if I could.

Review by KyuJones
28 Apr 2016
I honestly would like to be more like those piskies... sweet to kind ppl, but selfishly living life to the fullest!

I love your games very much. This map was more confusing, since it didn't lie flat in my layout, as your others did.... Odd topography? Other than that, I still do quite love the size of the map.

This game felt smaller and easier, so was a nice one to leisurely finish in an afternoon. ^___^ And as always.... perfectly lovely setting!

Review by Rooting Story
03 Oct 2015
I think that the game was very nice,and the author used great vocabulary,however,there were many places with few things to interact with.

Review by DaNiX88
31 Mar 2015
A very interesting adventure! I had a chuckle at the and and a warm inside. Though, without a little nudge from the comments, the adventure in this game could be lost to the non-adventurer or someone who doesn't know the work of Peter Edwards. There was a good amount of description and a simple list of verbs to use, adding to the peaceful aspect of the game itself. Great work!

Review by Silver
19 Aug 2014
No idea why this is getting great reviews. There's plenty of locations to visit with not really much to do. Perhaps I'm missing something? I generally prefer fewer locations with deep descriptions and plenty of things to interact with rather than the other way round. I did manage to get myself killed in the first five minutes of exploring this desolate place which is another red flag for me in game design terms. If you have locations where there isn't much to see, why bother including them in the game? It's interactive fiction without the interaction and without the fiction.

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