The Shack by System Masters

November 2021 - The Foundation is coming...
"Cold, naked and confused, you open your eyes to a place you don't recognise..."

The Shack v1.8 (c) System Masters 2020-2021
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Web and mobile play are not recommended.

Latest release:
v1.8 (06/10/2021) - Minor update to fix a spelling error, a grammatical error and to fix a specific description which now updates correctly when certain conditions are met. As always, thanks for the feedback!

Previous patches:
v1.7 (27/05/2021) - updated title image and cover art. Fixed a typo in the ending. Slightly altered help text screen and help command. Changed the default message which appears when trying to use a verb without a noun, to make it clearer that you need to be more specific. Added an extra hint about unlocking, using keys, and added more interactions in a certain location to better signpost the player's required actions in that location.
v1.61 (13/05/2021) - Small adjustment; made the parser more acquiescent when using keys.
v1.6 (05/05/2021) - a few typos and grammatical errors fixed. Fix for two situations not updating their descriptions after solving. Updated a few descriptions to read better.
v1.5 (02/05/2021) - small bug fix to stop the player taking an item they're not supposed to be able to.
v1.4 (22/11/2020) - community tested stable release
v1.0 to 1.3 (2020) - closed testing on finished game for polishing

A classic text adventure. This means typing and drawing your own map! System Masters games never insta-kill you or put you in unwinnable situations. You are encouraged to explore and experiment. No adult themes, no bad language. Lots of intrigue, lots to do.

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Review by jimbrock
07 Oct 2021
Top notch text adventure with the addition of some graphics and sounds which help enormously with the atmosphere.

Tricky but logical puzzles, good writing and an intriguing ending.

All in all, extremely enjoyable. I can't wait for the next instalment!

Review by Lazygamedesigner82
05 Oct 2021
For three straight days this game has consumed every moment of my free time, from the first puzzle to the final sentence. Beautiful artwork, highly effective sound work, and an overall fresh spin on the traditional puzzler make this an absolute must-play game in my opinion. It was challenging (I will admit to browsing the comments section here for one specific hint!) but always fair. I can't wait to play The Foundation and see where the story leads!

Review by Charlie Scott
29 Sep 2021
Brilliant game -- well-written descriptions that really draw you in to the mysterious world, and tricky but entirely logical puzzles (I had to ask for help once, but that was down to my own stupidity). The attention to detail is fantastic: almost everything has a description, whether its relevant to the story or not. I can't wait for Part Two.

Review by DaDude
27 Sep 2021
Excellent adventure. Loved it from start to finish, really mysterious and requires attention to detail. Atmosphere is top notch!
Best game on the platform.

Review by BambisMom
20 Jun 2021
Gripping! Cannot wait for Shack 2! Atmosphere like no other IF I've played. Felt the wind!

Review by Cinco de Mayo
01 Jun 2021
Only play for an hour so far but I'm HOOKED! like the atmospheric ambionce with wind and squeaky doors. This game feels hard but not TOO hard I feel clever when I figure things out. Strange things keep happening like fuzzy static (not graphics or bug in story I mean) when deciding what to do which freaks me out. So much to see and LOOK AT too my favorite game of new generation of IF

Review by bonk
21 May 2021
This is a wonderful experience. Puzzles are difficult but fairly intuitive. As others have said, every description is key, so you have to pay close attention. The atmosphere is beautifully constructed and really drew me in. Definitely not a short game (and you WILL need to draw a map), but it's worth the time and effort it takes to play. Can't wait for the sequel!

Review by Toki <3
07 Apr 2021
One of my favorite games. Fantastic and very fun. I really love the whole atmosphere. I haven't completely finished yet, but I'm close! Please make more games like this one, I really enjoyed it (and am enjoying it)!

Review by GBGAMES
07 Apr 2021
Tried to play it online, but so much better if you download it.

We wanted to leave a review to say it's a long time since we become stuck on an adventure, and the atmosphere kept us going. Still not beat it, but building the raft is genius.

Sound effects really make it! One small critique is not all graphics have same "style" but still five out of five for us. Please make more with same atmosphere, brilliant!

GB Games

Review by Delovi
03 Dec 2020
As others have said, a fantastic game. Wasn't expecting the mixed genres especially towards the end. Took me ages to find one of the keys but the clue was in the text, I just missed it!

Loved the extra discription as you go to New locations for the first time.

Hopefully you'll do a sequel, I'd love that!


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