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Reviews by deadpenguin

Review for Uprising Gangsters
01 Jul 2013
nope this is not expectable you are a F...ING JOKE I hAAAAAATE people that think text adventures are a joke and you sir are one of them you should not have even made a account F... YOU

Review for Your Life
17 Jun 2013
..................WTF!!!...really!!? ok this game cannot be completed everything ends up blank WHY WHY WHY!!!! make a game even know your not going to complete it I expected more a lot more and you let me down LAZY!!! here's a lesson if you want to get popular in the text adventure industry then GET OFF YOUR LAZY A.. AND ATLEASED TAKE 3 HOURS OF YOUR DAY TO MAKE A GOOD GAME!!! BECOUSE WHY MAKE A ACOUNT WHEN YOUR NOT GOING TO SPEND THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING!!! please PLEASE! make something that I can at leased give you a 3 for. O_O come ON!!! I know im sorry im a hardass just don't make non complete games please.

Review for Murder on the Hill
08 Jun 2013
this is truly a game beyond

08 Jun 2013
look I was looking for a game that was more appealing like more out comes because you can only play the game once and I like pc better and you say you disgust me I just cant except that its been proven that hp pc's and other pc brands can do more things then mac so don't bitch at me about that and the computers with windows 7 are proven to be the best but windows 8 is just bull shit were is the fucking start menu. so any way back to the game there are some upsides like it is mildly funny but I really don't like the grammar im sorry but I think this game is just a nock off

Review for First Times
06 Jun 2013
now this is a very great game has a very good story you would be my first choice if I ever needed help with my games you have impressed me creepy game but very advanced for a text game