Your Life by TRGisME

It's your do what you want to. ;)

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Review by vixykya
13 Oct 2013
Baaaaad with a capital B

Review by deadpenguin
17 Jun 2013
..................WTF!!!...really!!? ok this game cannot be completed everything ends up blank WHY WHY WHY!!!! make a game even know your not going to complete it I expected more a lot more and you let me down LAZY!!! here's a lesson if you want to get popular in the text adventure industry then GET OFF YOUR LAZY A.. AND ATLEASED TAKE 3 HOURS OF YOUR DAY TO MAKE A GOOD GAME!!! BECOUSE WHY MAKE A ACOUNT WHEN YOUR NOT GOING TO SPEND THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING!!! please PLEASE! make something that I can at leased give you a 3 for. O_O come ON!!! I know im sorry im a hardass just don't make non complete games please.

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