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Reviews by Stormblaze

Review for Dog Life
17 Jul 2018
It’s short, but it’s still fun! ^^

Sometimes the short ones are better than some long ones.

Just work on some spelling errors and you’ll be fine! :D

Review for Warrior Cat RPG
04 Jul 2018
It’s great! PLEASE finish it! ^^

03 Jul 2018
Sandpit? I don’t think so! This is unfinished, but it was AMAZING! I LOVED this a lot! Please continue! I’m looking forward to it! ^^

Review for Warrior Cats CYOA
03 Jul 2018
This is great! It’s pretty cool, and there are correct spelling and grammar. You should definitely finish this! ^^

The only thing I’d point out is that when I agreed Swanfeather to help me, it says that “You And SNAKETAIL find Foxpaw cornered by an owl.” Maybe you should fix that. But other than that, this is pretty decent! Totally should finish it! :D