Battle Scars (A Warrior Cats tale) by blueskies555

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The game appears to be unfinished, or is a demo of a longer work which has not yet been completed. Once the game has been completely written, it may be re-categorised.
You play as a warrior of ThunderClan.
This is my first game so I'm really sorry if its bad...
It's a work in progress; though its obvious...

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Review by archerqueen08
23 Jan 2018
Eh, I didn't really like the writing. It isn't Warriors itself (I should know, I used to be a huge Warriors fan myself), but the author wrote everything as if at a distance.

Review by KnowItAll
16 Jan 2018
It would be an amazing storyline if you continued to the series.

Review by Lilystar
01 Jan 2018

Review by Frisk12345
28 Sep 2017
I really liked it. I'm definitely giving this 5 stars (especially for the people who rated 2 stars *cough**cough*) but this was a good, although uncompleted, sandpit game.

Review by DawnEclipse
19 Sep 2017
Awesome and just wow

Review by Cheetahheart
14 Aug 2017
This was a very good game, and I enjoyed it. I hope you make more games like this!

Review by Snowcrystal5
20 May 2017
Overall this game was really good. From the story to the writing style, it all seemed so much like a real warrior cats book. Though, it is sometimes confusing because you don't get told you're a cat. but I do assume that if you are gonna play this game, then you should probably know what it's about. Because the title actually says "(A Warrior cats Tale)" And if your gonna play this, at least know what "Warrior Cats" is.

Review by MoonStar4700
11 Apr 2017
I really liked this game and I liked how easy it was to pick stuff. PLease update soon!

Review by Marzipan
18 May 2016
Incomplete, and commits the sin of all bad, annoying fanfic by jumping into a situation that only makes sense to those who have read the series, and throwing around lots of specialized terms and just assuming the reader will know what it's all about. This is not a Warrior Cats site. And not laying the basic groundwork any story needs for setting and characters is just bad writing, regardless.

Also, I'd recommend learning the difference between your and you're.

Review by Blahsadfeguie
28 Mar 2016
You're never told you're a cat, so I assumed I was a very confused human who somehow ended up in the wilderness and was randomly attacked by talking cats with no explanation. The game is infinitely more interesting that way. (Of course, just about anything would be infinitely more interesting, but I digress.)

The game, or what exists of it, is at least somewhat competent I guess? There are choices. The writing is... hmm. Well, hopefully you have learned from this early experiment by now and moved on to less juvenile endeavors.

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