Warrior Cat RPG by BlueBarren

Choose your name (selectively, unfortunately!), work your way up the ranks, start your own family, build your destiny! ConchClan used to be an ancient clan that worshipped conches. After being introduced to a clan named IceClan, they changed their ways to match theirs. The clans combined. A civil war had broke out for the fight to keep the clan name. ConchClan won. Now, the two clans live together in harmony, and you’re part of it!

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Review by Bravenwolf
18 Oct 2018
Buddy buddy buddy its great that your taking your time i mean great things come to thoughs who wait buuuuut on the other hand this is an amazing thing iv played another one like this but its also being worked on and no custom names or looks like you have,and its explenation of whats going on is super short but as i was saying your work is great take your time but please dont take to long this is fun and enteristing

Review by Foggypaws
17 Aug 2018
This is SO good, I play as Marblekit and if you finish this it will really be a great accomplishment!

Review by Stormblaze
04 Jul 2018
It’s great! PLEASE finish it! ^^

Review by HelplessHare
29 May 2018
I loved it! I absolutely ADORE how you added so many cats to pick {I chose Rootkit} . Well please CONTINUE it and ADD more so it'll EVENTUALLLY be FINISHED!!! I really liked this since it doesn't have horrible misspellings and grammar issues, etc..
(P.S I like your atrwork) And here's the positive feedback! ^>^

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