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PLAY FIND THE ENDING 1 FIRST! In an adventure to escape, you are a criminal. The police are chasing you after you stole a boatload of things from your local store. Uh-oh!
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This game has an ending. It's just really hard to find. Can you find the end of the catastrophic story?
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Reviews by TheEndlessStoryteller

04 Jan 2016
I likey this game. It much fun. ANYWAY i likey.

Review for Pokémon Emerald
02 Jan 2016
This game is AWSOME! I cant wait for it to be finished.

Review for Craft a' stick
24 Nov 2015
Eh. Somehow I died by mining a rock...huh.

Review for Room Serial
18 Oct 2015
I loved it! I had to use the walkthrough on all the levels (except the first one and the second one), but still a great game.

Review for spondre
18 Oct 2015
It's very nice; I like it! The ending was amazing.