Room Serial by merricart

An escape game where you escape from a series of rooms, gaining new actions on the way. The new actions help you advance. You must also piece together the mystery of why you were there.
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Review by electr1cFantasys
25 Feb 2020
Loved it. Only had to use the walkthrough a couple times, and when it was it was just helpful enough without ruining the whole thing for me. Great story, and loved the twists!

Review by grim_reaper
21 Feb 2020
10/10 very happy and impressed with this game. Great job

Review by human9
17 Jul 2019
Very well made.

Review by RPG101
23 Oct 2017

Review by Jfulls002
29 Aug 2017
I loved the S**T out of this game. Perfect

Review by GameofChocolate
09 Jul 2017
Extremely challenging, creative, and well-written. Unfortunately, due to the unusual set of circumstances, I couldn't do it without the walkthrough. Logic wasn't a lot of help. I needed the walkthrough to tell me what I could interact with and where I was supposed to interact with something next.

Review by incognitiounsure
05 Feb 2017
good game- harder on the later stages.

Review by rosethorn08
19 Jan 2017
I really loved this game. It seemed relatively simple at first, but kept getting more complex and I liked the mystery. I would love to see another like this :)

Review by James Halliday
03 Nov 2016
This could be the next Zork!

Review by Fantasylover22
18 Oct 2016
Really enjoyed this game! It was very clever and I really enjoyed solving the puzzle. Great story and great fun!

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