Room Serial by merricart

An escape game where you escape from a series of rooms, gaining new actions on the way. The new actions help you advance. You must also piece together the mystery of why you were there.
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Review by James Halliday
03 Nov 2016
This could be the next Zork!

Review by Fantasylover22
18 Oct 2016
Really enjoyed this game! It was very clever and I really enjoyed solving the puzzle. Great story and great fun!

Review by Rinoa
11 Aug 2016
Easy controls, low frustration with walkthrough.

Good story telling that builds up a mystery.

Review by bree71
07 Jan 2016
NIce! I did use the walk through feature quite a bit. A great mystery! Like how you added a choice between two endings.

Review by KyuJones
07 Jan 2016
Really fun. I very much appreciated the in-game walkthrough. There were a few things I wouldn't have thought to do, so I did need to rely on the walkthrough a couple times towards the end.

Great puzzles! Played a couple times. ^_^

18 Oct 2015
I loved it! I had to use the walkthrough on all the levels (except the first one and the second one), but still a great game.

Review by Segrified
19 Jun 2015
This was pretty great. A nice story and complex puzzles. It takes a while when you don't use the walkthrough feature, and there are a few times when you might think "How was I supposed to know that?", but a great experience overall.

Review by MisterPibb316
09 May 2015
A very clever game with a powerful story that certainly did not go in the direction I expected it to. Despite only being several rooms, the plot and puzzles are implemented in a manner that prevents you from beating the game in 10 minutes unless you've played it before or are thinking on the exact wavelength of the author.

Game has an in-game walkthrough--expect to use it.

Review by Ranique
31 Jan 2015
Definetly 5 star, I like the walkthrough though(I used it the whole time) It was lots of fun and definetly thrilling

Review by Dlaeyn
05 Dec 2014
I liked the idea of having to think of solutions to the puzzles given the restrictions at the beginning of the game. With an interesting storyline, and stages that were just the right length, I found Room Serial to be delightful and pretty creative. Thumbs up!

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