When The Message Blinks by Lateksu

You have 1 new connection request. What are you waiting for, just go and check who wants to message you!
29 Jun 2019
Games good. I love the fact that they clearly point out that they sell your information, and the ending is slightly tense. Can I have unlimited credits now?

Review by Cheralina
03 Feb 2018

Review by MissCass
08 Aug 2017

Review by Sandan.rnw
29 Jul 2017
It was my first text adventure ever. I LOVED it, you made me adore a new kind of role game I'd never heard of. Thank you for this, like, really.

Review by 645Kitty
12 Mar 2017
I was so confused at the end, but it was still INCREDIBLE.

Review by ezekieljd
07 Mar 2017
Fun and interesting, I wish it were longer. Kind of weird, but in a good way. A little disappointing since it's so short, honestly. But good either way.

Review by JayMoon
23 Feb 2017
Love it :)

Review by TulipNyanCat925
22 Nov 2016
i got caught in the story and i do really love chicken nuggets.

Review by manam
20 Oct 2016
Very well done. I do wish I could have joined thehacker agency, though

Review by BlindEyes
28 Sep 2016
Just fantastic.

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