When The Message Blinks by Lateksu

You have 1 new connection request. What are you waiting for, just go and check who wants to message you!
Review by Cheralina
03 Feb 2018

Review by MissCass
08 Aug 2017

Review by Sandan.rnw
29 Jul 2017
It was my first text adventure ever. I LOVED it, you made me adore a new kind of role game I'd never heard of. Thank you for this, like, really.

Review by 645Kitty
12 Mar 2017
I was so confused at the end, but it was still INCREDIBLE.

Review by ezekieljd
07 Mar 2017
Fun and interesting, I wish it were longer. Kind of weird, but in a good way. A little disappointing since it's so short, honestly. But good either way.

Review by JayMoon
23 Feb 2017
Love it :)

Review by TulipNyanCat925
22 Nov 2016
i got caught in the story and i do really love chicken nuggets.

Review by manam
20 Oct 2016
Very well done. I do wish I could have joined thehacker agency, though

Review by BlindEyes
28 Sep 2016
Just fantastic.

Review by redmiranda
26 Sep 2016
This is fantastic! I like that I could really feel like the characters were real.

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