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Review for Life On The Moon
22 Apr 2017
This was a fun short piece of interactive fiction. Odd, but fun!

The game needs some more synonyms adding to certain objects (eg Magic for Beginners is a book but when I refer to it as a book, it doesn't understand what I'm talking about!) Some of the scenery descriptions only apply on your first entry to a room too, or when entering it from a particular direction (eg why do I always bang my head on the throne even when coming from east or west?)

I found most of the puzzles could just be solved if I selected the suggested verb from the inventory menu, which means it isn't very difficult. It did lead to some funny moments though. I enjoyed the game - good ending!

Review for Portcullis
20 Apr 2017
I really enjoyed playing this game - it's tricky without being frustratingly difficult, and it has the feel of the old Zork games. Everything seemed to work without any frustrating issues around the phrasing you need to use to perform actions. It's also funny, especially that the NPCs are so expendable! I just wish the game was a bit longer!

20 Apr 2017
Good points - there are a lot of fun puns, I really like the humour. The puzzles are tricky without being too obscure.
Bad points - it's frustrating how many objects are referred to in scenery descriptions but then "aren't there" when you try and interact with them, especially once you get to the city. (eg.
Jack the Landlord is referred to as the barman but then when you try and talk to "the barman" the word isn't recognised.) Conversely there are a lot of items that you can interact with which you can't see immediately in the room description and you have to look at another object to find it, even though if you were in the room it would be readily apparent that the object was there because it isn't in a container.