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Review for Z.K.A
26 Jun 2017
The Story is good! Nice concept but however, it's not perfect. Firstly, lots of grammar errors. You wrote 'want' as 'wan't' and that's wrong! Then after the 'Quotation marks' the letters should be 'Capital letters'. There was also a mistake of 'They'! But anyway, the story was SUPER short and that's never good. And in the start when you're the guy with the bomb, there should be more then one CORRECT option. I'm saying that because there's no way you can prevent the apocalypse. So I don't think that it makes any sense of only one starting. Also if you'd have added the option that you can either become a 'Hunter' or a 'Watchman' it would be AWESOME!! The game has potential and that's the only reason I gave it 4 stars!
I would be very GRATEFUL if you could PLAY my game and RATE it even if you don't like it, I would learn a lot!
Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Review for The Red Hair
25 Jun 2017
Okay? Maybe? Some haha was present and that was a good aspect. Was VERY simple and that's not always a good sign, even in a game like this. (Spoiler) The clown statue thing was good but there has to be another way the children could die. Like you go down to see the parents coming back and boom dead. If there would be a part where you can like fight or you have a straight encounter with the clown then it would be AWESOME!! Also there was a very minor grammar error after the choice 'Wait and knock again' there was a mistake. It's written "Finally the parents answers" which s wrong. It should be written as "Finally the parents answer". The "answers" should be "answer". Otherwise the grammar is okay. I wouldn't call this a 'Horror' game 'cause... Well nothing scary. Anyway. KEEP IT UP! And MAKE IT LONG!!!

Review for Zombolocaust
31 Mar 2017
Was a pretty good game, music was good and the narration was.... FANTASTIC!!! It felt like I was there! Really Needs a sequel can't wait!

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