Zombolocaust by peter123

After spending two weeks in your room playing a video game, you return to society only to find society has fallen apart!


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Review by Yrrosmi
03 Sep 2021
The checkpoint and attributes are a nice touch! Love the little illustrations too :)

Review by GenoIsThe1
15 Oct 2020
I like the game but it freezes at the "SOCIAL or GO HELP FIND SUPPLIES" I will change the rating if you fix it

Review by hsh
28 Jul 2020
Woodrow got on my nerves game ok. Passes the time.

Review by Ashmit_ku
07 Jun 2020
I really 5ike this but i don't know game freezes in the middle. I keep pressing continue but nothing happens.

Review by Mr.Puffy7
21 May 2020
eh. it was ok. I did like the ITS A TRAIN music part though, and I would play it again just for that

Review by 291478
12 May 2020
good Sushi for me


Review by -Pyjamallama-
18 Feb 2020
Very interactive and fun. Everybody gets different scores at the end and it feels like you are a part of the world. The illustrations are quite nice, and the simplistic style works well to illustrate whats happening. A nice take on the classic zompocalypse.

Review by iamkool
19 Dec 2019
sweden worthy

Review by michaelrydell
26 Oct 2019
Wow, what a fun game! The action moves along at a fast pace, and I really enjoyed the writing style. There are lots of interesting choices you can make during the game, enabling the player to effectively sculpt the storyline. The attributes and checkpoint features worked great. The hand-drawn illustrations are a nice addition, too. A+

Review by SmuggsBunny
07 Aug 2019
It was fun! The choices and dialogue made sense, and your character (you) wasn't a wuss or a John Wick-like person. I was disappointed with what happened to Jen...She was cool and deserved to live longer :D. #SaveJen

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