Nothing Special. (fixed) by LemonGrabJuice

You're just a fast food worker. A GOD DANG LEGENDARY ONE, THAT IS!

Travel to hell and back (except maybe not the back, depending on your choices) and even have a few run ins with Satan himself!

Choose between a whole different bunch of routes!
Some may lead to immediate death, others may make you rich!

Wonder why there is a voice floating around!

Meet with characters from another text adventure, "Square Root of Stupid!" (You'll have to scrounge around hard, but you'll find them eventually.)

Debug list:

Accidentally left the player at page 19, but I fixed it.
Forgot to add a link to page 1 after the Old Age Death on the Nice Guy route.
Forgot to add an ending for the "throw nearby pedestrian" option.

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Review by ExplorerCat
16 Oct 2017
Good but is very easy to complete. add more!

Review by RobotGuy999
29 Jul 2017
Awesome and Funny!

Review by TheDL
17 Jul 2017

Review by broadwaydude
25 Jun 2017
This was not taken serious at all. Just a bunch of randomness thrown here and there. It made absolutely no sense and ruins a relationship if added into a conversation. Aimlessly adding nonsense here and there with corny references all over the place.

I love it.

Review by Bobbyman1
30 May 2017

Review by Frisk12345
19 Mar 2017
OMG I love it! I would totes meme again! Also, pls add more to it!

Review by MapleSweater
16 Mar 2017
10/10 would meme again


Review by Book Lord
21 Feb 2017
holy crap. this game is hilarious, make more game plz

Review by CN7
19 Feb 2017
Dude this game is amazing, I literally couldn't stop laughing XD

Review by Jesse Richardson
13 Feb 2017
one game to dank all them memes

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 16 Feb 2017