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Reviews by rcsjr1951

12 Dec 2016
Great remake of an older game. Lots of new twists and some great improvements. A lot of fun for those who like to deal with math or who want to have a break from the typical text adventure games. Good idea to take notes as you go. Fun game for those who want to spark the interest in math in their students or might want to test their own skills.
Not to worry if any of the problems become to troublesome you can find answers searching the internet or by contacting the author. He was of tremendous help to me, giving me hints in the right direction.

Review for Giantkiller Too
24 Nov 2016
Wonderful game for anyone who would like to help younger ones develop math skills. Also great for sharpening problem solving skills. Would be a great help to home schoolers who need a break from the normal homework and would like to help generate interest in school work without making it look like school work. Lots of fun. Well written with just enough hints and clues to assist you along without coming out and giving away the answers. Will make even the good mathmaticians think a little bit. Overaall alot of phone as well as educational. Be sure to pay close attention as you play the game. You can't make it unwinable. You can always scroll back and review what you have missed if you do overlook something. Well worth playing more than once since some of the puzzles are made new with each new game.

21 Aug 2016
Nice short game with an interesting twist in use of graphics for the story board. Well written and fun to play. Easy to make the game unwinnable but short enough that it isn't really a problem. Definitely worth the time if you like Dr Who.

19 Aug 2016
Excellent game. Fantastic job. Cant believe this is your first. keep up the great work . Look forward to more titles from you.

By far one of the best games I have played in years. Very reminiscent of the old Info-com games only a scale that can be compared to watching Star Trek and then jumping into Star Wars. Very challenging even more so than the first installment but not impossible. Great story line and a twisted and enjoyable sense of humor. Can't wait for the third part of this series!

16 Jul 2016
Fantastic game. Very challenging and full of red herrings , or are they. Well play and you will find out! Nice variety of puzzles and obstacles to overcome. Look forward to the future installments.

Review for The Lost Orb
02 Apr 2016
Fantastic Job Craig. I have enjoyed playing a number of your gams. This one had an especially delightful story line which really makes you think and exercise your reasoning powers. Keep up the good work. The hints and comments of others in this forum enabled me to complete it in a relatively short period of time. Very challenging but after playing some of your other games and getting a feel for the way you write it was not too complicated. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to playing more of your games. LONG LIVE TEXT ADVENTURE!

Review for Snowquest
25 Mar 2016
A really fun game well worth playing. The only drawback was that I could not save the game. The undo function came in handy. Beautifully written and has an intuitive story line. Some of the puzzles can be difficult until you get into the mind of the writer. I was only disappointed in how short the game proved to be. Overall a game worth playing.