this is honestly a great game.
escape the room before darak arrives.
Not yet rated
this was made by my dad. you have to escape a prison. hope you enjoy it.
this is the last one till febuary.
Not yet rated
ready for more bad guys?
this is a one off thing. it realy sucks.
Not yet rated
lets go kick some zombie butt.
Not yet rated
in this new series, you will fight zombies, use cloaking devices and an old enemy is back.
Not yet rated
in this, you do exactly what it says on the tin.
Not yet rated
this one is a little boring but very very hard.
Not yet rated
in this one, you go to the gallows.
Not yet rated
this one should be better than the last
you have a fight in this game.
i have fixed the exit problem. i have also added a sword. this is a short bit of a long story.
this is the last one i will submit until febuary. this is a hard one.
a short rpg brilliant.
Not yet rated
a short rpg with many sequels

Reviews by emojo

08 Jan 2008
this is a very annoying game.
i dont want to read the book.
i dont mind reading the blurb.
it does have a pretty interesting story.
i dont realy think it is worth playing.

05 Jan 2008
i cant get out the living room

Review for The Mansion
04 Jan 2008
this is a good game but im not into reading alot in one bit.
i like short jumps of reading.
nevertheless i love the quality of this game.

02 Jan 2008
this is a cool game with nice pics and music