sword masters by emojo

a short rpg with many sequels

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Review by DePaw
03 Jan 2008
The first thing you are shown is:

"You are in camp.
You can go north, south or east.
base camp for 5 brave warriors.
your biggest journey begins.
you will face shadows, pirates and demons.
get ready for the most amazing game created by a 13 year old.
created by eli and jon"

The only capital letters in sight are those quest did itself, not even on the author's name (even a 13 year old should know capital letters by now). The written description is just barely in sentences. And new lines are done after each sentence making it horrible to read.

Head north to "a man is offering a shield." There is no man object, but typing 'take shield' did apparently give it to me ("You pick it up.") but it's not in my inventory.

From the starting room, you can go south... but it doesn't take you anywhere (looking at the code it takes you to a room that hasn't been put in. To get to the 'end' you must choose randomly from 8 exits, only one is right, one will take you back, all others are game over (not no win or lose has been coded).

Overall: 1/5. Tips: Capitals letters, more description, items actually used.

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