Reviews by Padrinos

Good work and an interesting intergalactic short story. I think you have a great shell here and would like to see more details on the battles or the development of the relationship with the "wife".

Review for Soporification
04 Oct 2017
It's nice to see some squiffy games. Good work, simple but still pleasurable. I'd like to see a little more variety or maybe some pictures or art, but I like how you added descriptors of other characters and things, like ice cream or man. Keep it up.

02 Sep 2016
Its a start and with more work will yield more interaction and options. Look into having a few choices if possible and some picture if you desire, but it was done simply and well. Keep it up!!

Review for The Last Struggle
20 Jul 2016
Quick and simple. Not many options, but still gives you choices. Worth a read through. My only question is, when does the next part come out?

Review for Virus
28 Feb 2016
Interesting concept. Its nice to see some squiffy games on here. Keep it up my friend. And remember, you can add bold text, or pictures and stuff to your game to spice it up or add emphasis if needed. But great job overall.