Civilian Lyfe! by Padrinos

Interactive Fiction game based on Arma 3 and the Aslyum Life servers. Choose your path and see how much money you can earn. Every decision you make can impact the amount of money you earn. And, if you choose the same path again, the results will vary due to variables set when earning money and fighting bad guys and the police. Whats your high score?
version 1.1.4
Proudly made with Squiffy
Review by BuckJr
21 May 2016
I loved it man it was great always wanted to see a text adventure game that was something like Arma 3.

Review by tox
25 Mar 2016
Not great, but playable for ~20 mins. My best score is 27.5 k

Review by Patrick Swayze
25 Mar 2016
As a player who has been permanently banned from the Asylum Community, this is a great way to get a piece of what the Asylum has to offer. Although, it is lacking in the ability to mass RDM everyone in Kavala, I think that would give better results in the total money earned. Overall, good little game, and very nice work by Padrinos.

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Published 18 Mar 2016
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