Soporification by Hormus

You get call from a former friend of yours, but you're undecided as to whether or not you should meet him(if he even does appear). Yet, alas, what happens?
Review by Father
11 Apr 2018
I like this one. Very cleverly done. Didn't agree with other reviewer about adding artwork, it IS after all a text game. Reminded me of Spondre.

Review by Padrinos
04 Oct 2017
It's nice to see some squiffy games. Good work, simple but still pleasurable. I'd like to see a little more variety or maybe some pictures or art, but I like how you added descriptors of other characters and things, like ice cream or man. Keep it up.

Review by Scartell
30 Aug 2017
Your game was pretty good; it was nice and simple. A little "Horror"ific, if you ask me. I think a longer plot or more endings would make this game better.

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Published 30 Aug 2017