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Reviews by maenixon

03 Jan 2016
So I saw you had no reviews, so I will review this one for ya!
I like the layout, makes decisions simple.
Love the idea of mutations and the such in order to make more money, such a cool idea.
What I take away a star for is that I feel like I want more from this story. Like it was very straight-forward, but not a ton happened. It was very easy to beat as well. A great premise that is executed decently, but you could have done more with the concept. Good job so far, though!
(dynamic sex scenes sound awesome, btw)

Review for The Race
03 Jan 2016
I have played this game at least ten times all the way through. My god, it was a journey.
When playing without the guide I found either death, loss, or just one of the 4 main endings. When I looked up how to find the others, let's just say I wasn't disappointed and all those hours I spent (at least 5, lol) was fully worth it. The Choice of Games layout was very nice as well.
Just play it!

31 Dec 2015
I rate this like a 3.5. I liked how everything looked and the changing colors of the text. The storyline was good with a bit of humor as well, which was cool. My main issue is that there was no true choices to be had in the story. Like I played twice and there does not seem to be a way to alter anything besides the very last choice. Like having consequences is important in a cyoa story. But as a whole, I liked it.